"We are all percussionists!"

"Boum-Percussion ACADEMY" 2022 SOON TO BE ANNOUNCED!!

3 teachers - 4 days - 5 nations!!

Enjoy impressions from the first edition of our "Boum-Percussion ACADEMY" 2021 in cooperation with Theaterhaus Stuttgart.Participants from the age of 15 to 35 formed a diverse group of motivated percussionists from 5 different nations.

In Masterclasses, individual lessons,talking-rounds and warm-up sessions, we focused on timpani, solo-percussion such as set-up, marimba, vibraphone and snaredrum, orchestral percussion like tambourine, cymbals and were preparing the participants for audition performances.
Different personalities, levels and preferences created a fantastic atmosphere, where all participants were able to show themselves in their best way and profit from each other and their experiences too. What a great environment to break down barriers and dogmas, free the minds and enjoy being a musician, while working detailed and focused on the individual progress! Because:
We are all percussionists!!

•  Stay tuned for the next edition!! Join us and create a space of inspiration & joy and exchange with motivated percussionists from all around the globe!  •

What participants say about the »Academy«

Our lecturers about their vision and goals of the "Academy"

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AIMS of the  ‘Boum-Percussion ACADEMY‘

  • Overview of classical percussion (Solo & Orchestral, Timpani)
    • Major techniques from Marimba to Triangle
    • Practice methods & solution paths 
    • In-depth work in musicality & expression
    • Preparation for performance situations


  • Get motivated!
    • Meet percussionists from all over Europe, of all levels
    • Form new perspectives
    • Discuss and collaborate 
  •  Public Closing Concert at THEATERHAUS STUTTGART
    • Spot on, just for you!!
    • Take the chance to perform your solo in front of an audience on stage. A concert, where soloistic literature and orchestral excerpts can be heard next to each other. Show your musicality and enjoy percussion!!



A C A D E M Y  

in cooperation with THEATERHAUS Stuttgart

FAQ's & Details

What can i expect at the ACADEMY?
Learn from innovative percussionists in the fields of orchestra and solo percussion and increase your knowledge and skills through participating in masterclasses, meetings and talks. Meet other motivated percussionists from different nationalities, exchange and get connected! Play and try instruments provided by our partners ADAMS®, Thomann-Music® and Zultan-Cymbals®
and even buy instruments & equipment at the ACADEMY right away, with a special discount. 

As an option (ACADEMY+) you can take private lessons with any of the instructors (between 30-45 min) depending on the amount of applicants.


For which level is the ACADEMY?

For young advanced percussionists of all nationalities (minimum age is 14), teachers and professionals. 



Should I prepare a solo piece? 

Yes, we would like you to prepare at least one solo piece (Marimba or Vibra or Snare, ... ) AND a Snare-Drum Etude. This way we will have a better opportunity to work together on details. But also a pure orchestral audition program is a great base to work on. Don't worry!



Should I bring instruments? 

If possible, bring a Snare Drum and a stand. We also recommend that you bring your own Tambourines.

At the ACADEMY you will find new instruments that have been provided by our partners ADAMS®, Thomann-Music® & Zultan-Cymbals®



Where does the ACADEMY take place?
The Theaterhaus Stuttgart  is a theatre complex in Stuttgart's (Germany) North inner city district, attracting more than 350 000 visitors per year with its over 1000 shows. A broad variety of programs on all 4 stages range from contemporary/classical/Jazz/rock & pop music to cabaret, readings, play and dance performances. 

Adress: Theaterhaus Stuttgart Siemensstrasse 11, 70469 Stuttgart, Germany.  U-Bahn Stations "Pragsattel" or "Maybachstrasse" 



How do i get to THEATERHAUS?

From the airport (STR): take the S-Bahn train S2 (direction Schorndorf) or S3 (direction Backnang) to Hauptbahnhof/Mainstation -> CHANGE HERE TO:  U6 (direction Gerlingen) / U7 (direction Mönchfeld) or  U15 (direction Stammheim) to Pragsattel.

Disembark in the direction of travel, climb the stairs, cross the crosswalk and continue on the pedestrian pathway. After 200m you will pass a restaurant on your left hand side and reach the main entrance of the THEATERHAUS. 



Are there suggested accommodations?

B & B - Siemensstraße 58, 70469 Stuttgart

(or Motel-One - Heilbronner Str. 325, 70469 Stuttgart )

All accommodations suggested above are within walking distance to the ACADEMY in Stuttgart-Nord. If you wish to book accommodations in Stuttgart's city center, you'll find many other options. You can easily reach the "Theaterhaus" from the city center by tram (U-Bahn) in 10 min.



In which language is the course held?

English and German 



Is there food provided?
The ACADEMY will provides some light snacks, fruits and beverages during the day.

Main meals will have to be paid for individually.

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