CONCERTO for Marimba & Percussion

"Concerto" for Solo Marimba and Percussion

comp. by Marc Strobel (2019) 

Claude Debussy - "PAGODES"

Written originaly for piano solo "Pagodes" is a typical piece of "Exotism". Such as Claude Debussy many artists have been influenced by the rich culture of japan and indonesia. After japans re-opening in trade in 1868, japanese artifacts and art began to appear in Europe and started a big interest in asian cultures. Also balinese gamelan orchestras appeared for the first time in europe.

In his transcription for "Boum-Percussion" Kai Strobel went back to the roots by using the original sounds such as indonesian gongs, cymbals antique and metallophones.

RUDI  MENTAL  - drumming with Electronics

A rudimental "Snare-Drum Choreography", impressively linked to electronics,

written and composed by "BOUM-Percussion"

Iannis Xenakis - "OKHO"

Enjoy the beginning of Iannis Xenakis' »Okho«. Originally written for three djembes we arranged »Okho« for drum setups similar to the ones Xenakis used in his »Rebonds«. It connects the essentials of »Rebonds A« with the great variety of an ensemble piece, with individuality and synchronization!

NEW TEASER -  (2019)

"Boum-Percussion" - a german multipercussion-group constisting of Kai Strobel, Marc Strobel & Lorenz Behringer.

Marimba, Setup, Drumline, Transcriptions, Compositions, Contemporary Music.  

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