CONCERTO for Marimba & Percussion -  "BOUM-Percussion" (2019)

"Concerto" for Solo Marimba and Percussion

comp. by Marc Strobel 

NEW 2019!! 

Claude Debussy - "PAGODES"

Written originaly for piano solo "Pagodes" is a typical piece of "Exotism". Such as Claude Debussy many artists have been influenced by the rich culture of japan and indonesia. After japans re-opening in trade in 1868, japanese artifacts and art began to appear in Europe and started a big interest in asian cultures. Also balinese gamelan orchestras appeared for the first time in europe.

In his transcription for "Boum-Percussion" Kai Strobel went back to the roots by using the original sounds such as indonesian gongs, cymbals antique and metallophones.

RUDI  MENTAL  - drumming with Electronics

A rudimental "Snare-Drum Choreography", impressively linked to electronics,

written and composed by "BOUM-Percussion"

NEW TEASER -  (2019)

"Boum-Percussion" - a german multipercussion-group constisting of Kai Strobel, Marc Strobel & Lorenz Behringer.

Marimba, Setup, Drumline, Transcriptions, Compositions, Contemporary Music.  

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